Break the cycle of ​​undesirable patterns in your life.

Without waiting for your next incarnation.

(Which wouldn't actually work, so you may as well change those patterns now.)

​​Can you imagine the relief?

No more constant career conundrums.

​No more repeatedly unrequited relationships.

​No more​ detours away from your happily ever after.

I can help you get there!

​You may feel like you've already tried everything, so why would you trust me?

I could direct you to my ostensible credentials.

  • 15+ years experience as professional channel, guide, and mentor

  • 5 relevant certifications​, like Soul Coaching® & reading the Akashic Records ​

  • ​Decades of channeling relevant, helpful, & actionable information

  • Long list of raving clients (singing my praises, not raving mad ;)

​“I came to Theresa at a time when I ​was stuck and uncertain. ​Our ​time together was such an eye opening and illuminating experience. Her warmth, awareness, and wisdom are truly palpable and contagious!   She was wonderful at communicating her insights ​so a newbie like me could relate. ​ I continue to gain more and more ​understanding of myself, what’s been in my way, and what I can do to change things. I ​have so much more clarity and self-assuredness. She​ ​really helped me change old patterns and create a more certain and fulfilling direction.” Kelsey M

​Kelsey M

​But the #1 reason to trust me is how you feel right now!

Do you feel a tingle of hope bubbling up inside?

An inner sigh of relief?

A resounding "YES! I am SO ready!!!"

That's your soul speaking to you.

Theresa Woodsong

That tingle, sigh, and resounding “YES” are telling you I’ve got the unique blend of channeled readings, ​practical strategies, ​and general light-heartedness ​you’ve been seeking to lift yourself out of the mire and muddle. (And that all comes with good & kindly doses of levity.)

​Get yourself on a new, more satisfying life path.

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​Flush the ​un-​​flushables once ​and​ for ​all!

​There are undesirable patterns in our lives that ARE going to repeat again, and again, and again - until you get down to changing the essence of what created them in the first place.

​You ​could: 

  • Move across the country
  • Break ties with all current relationships
  • Change your career
  • Start completely anew

​But unless you change th​e energy that’s generating the patterns, they’re going to keep popping up​.

​Ready to clean ​that ​mess up?

​You CAN create a new life path that's free of the ​undesirable patterns!

​​Enter your name and email, then click the “​Flush It!” button to get your weekly​ fix of pattern changing ​inspiration, guidance, and practical approaches to ​swoosh those unflushables away, once and for all.

Disclaimer: Once those unflushables ​are gone, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be plunged into a life of ​rainbows and ​buttercups.

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